From PET to raw material

revolPET technology is being promoted in a research and development project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’Plastics in the Environment’. A total of seven partners analyzed and developed the various aspects of the technology. At the same time, an economic and ecological analysis of both the technology and the changing value chain is carried out, which receives innovative impulses from revolPET technology.

PET is one of the plastics with the highest growth rates. The plastic is versatile. More than 90% of PET in packaging solutions ranges from beverage bottles to the packaging of baked goods or fresh produce such as cheese or meat to cosmetic packaging.

The collection and recycling of PET is as sparse as its use is complex. Only 14% of the material produced is collected. Of these, 4% are lost in the process, 8% are recycled and used in inferior products and only 2% are used in applications of the same quality.

Things are hardly any better for beverage bottles in the EU:


  • Use of new PET in beverage bottles: 3.6 million to p.a.
  • Collection of used PET beverage bottles: 1.9 million to p.a.
  • Loss in the sorting and recycling process: 0.6 million to p.a.
  • Available rPET flakes: 1.3 million to p.a.
With the revolPET project, a technology is being developed that processes over 90% of PET waste back into available raw materials that can be used like virgin material. The various process stages ensure that the quality of the raw materials obtained from secondary raw materials has the same quality as original goods.