A joint project

Research is always successful when competent partners join forces.

RITTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH

RITTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH develops technological solutions for increasing the added value of resource protection. The founders of RITTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH take their motivation from the realization that not only quantity is decisive for the success of the environmental service branch, but in particular the quality of the treatment and recycling processes. The aim of the developments of RITTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH are technologies that prevent the downcycling of secondary raw materials.

Institute for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (IWF), TU Braunschweig

The IWF has professorships in Manufacturing Technologies & Process Automation and Sustainable Production & Life Cycle Engineering. The Chair of Sustainable Production and Life Cycle Engineering develops new methods and solutions to increase energy and resource efficiency in production, including implementation in industrial practice. One focus is the creation of innovative tools and applications to support life-cycle-oriented product and process design.

Institute of Chemical and Thermal Process Engineering (ICTV), TU Braunschweig

The ICTV represents the field of chemical and thermal process engineering in teaching, research and further education. ICTV offers basic and application-oriented courses in the field of fluid, chemical and thermal process engineering. The research activities are divided into the working groups Sustainable Production Technologies, Innovative Apparatus and Plant Engineering, Fouling and Cleaning, Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Processes and Pharmaceutical Chemical Reaction Processes. It deals with problems of basic engineering research as well as application-oriented aspects.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie

The research activities of the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT are divided into the fields of environmental engineering, polymer engineering, applied electrochemistry and energetic materials and systems. Fraunhofer ICT has had expertise in the fields of environmental and process engineering, materials research, environmental services and resource efficiency, environmental simulation and analytics since 1959. The expertise ranges from the conception and design of processes, through material development, characterization and processing, to the design, construction and operation of pilot plants. Cycle Analysis (LCA) and sustainability considerations.

Reclay Materials GmbH

The Reclay Group is an internationally active service provider in the field of recycling and recyclables management. The medium-sized, owner-managed group of companies supports more than 3,000 customers from industry, trade and commerce in achieving their environmental goals and fulfilling their product responsibility. The Reclay Group develops individual take-back and recycling systems for different types of waste such as sales and transport packaging and advises companies and governments on the development of waste systems. In addition, the Group controls the processing and recycling of recyclates and thus supplies the economy with important secondary raw materials.

VTU Engineering Deutschland GmbH

VTU Engineering plans process plants for industry in the fields of pharmaceuticals and biotech, chemicals and metallurgy as well as crude oil and natural gas. VTU offers the highest level of expertise in all project phases, from process development to project management, basic and detail engineering to commissioning. VTU Engineering was founded in 1990. Through constant growth, the range of experience has been expanded and the number of customers and employees has risen continuously. The central pivot of all success is the benefit for the client. VTU therefore focuses all forces in planning projects on the project goals defined with the customer.

Schiller Apparatebau GmbH

As a medium-sized company, SCHILLER Apparatebau GmbH has been building apparatus and special designs for the chemical, petrochemical and plant engineering industries since 1972. SCHILLER Apparatebau GmbH has specialized in the processing of stainless, acid- and heat-resistant stainless steels, nickel, copper-nickel, aluminium, nickel-based alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and special materials such as titanium, tantalum and zirconium. Constructional design, strength calculation and technical specifications are prepared according to domestic and foreign standards. SCHILLER Apparatebau GmbH is part of the SCHAUENBURG GROUP. SCHILLER Apparatebau GmbH is part of the SCHAUENBURG GROUP.
Associated partners

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup designs and develops advanced technologies to free the oceans from plastic. Instead of tracking plastic – which would take thousands of years and billions of dollars – The Ocean Cleanup has developed a passive system that allows ocean currents to concentrate the plastic themselves. Ocean Cleanup is developing a fleet of long floating barrier systems, each acting as an artificial coastline, allowing natural ocean currents to concentrate plastic waste. At the same time, The Ocean Cleanup is developing processes for converting recovered ocean plastic into valuable raw materials.

Karl Mayer AG

Founded in 1947 as a haulage company, the Karl Meyer Group is today one of the largest environmental service providers in northern Germany. The quality of the services and the satisfaction of the customers are in the foreground. The Karl Meyer Group consists of 22 individual companies, headed by Karl Meyer Ltd. Since the company was founded, its headquarters have been in Wischhafen an der Elbe in Lower Saxony. As an owner-managed family business, the management attaches great importance to long-term relationships with employees and customers.

LINPAC Packaging GmbH

With over 50 years of experience in food packaging design and a deep understanding of the needs of today’s fast-moving consumer goods industry, LINPAC is a leader in the development and production of innovative packaging solutions for the global packaging industry. LINPAC stands for a fresh way of thinking, which supports the product range to offer fast, fresh and healthy food according to the wishes of the customers of the 21st century. LINPAC is part of the Klöckner Pentaplast Group.